Built on passion and ingenuity

Deccan Education Society (DES), Pune, was established in 1884 and registered on 13th August 1885 and by four patriotic visionaries- Vishnu Shastri Chiplunkar, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Gopal Ganesh Agarkar and Mahadeo Ballal Namjoshi. They were already recognized as the pioneers of new education in India with the launch of New English School in Pune in the year 1880, which was a revolutionary step, because in those days Government (British) Institutions and Christian Missionaries were the only agencies involved in educating masses. Private enterprise in education was often discouraged.

The DES - IBM Collaboration

Deccan Education Society and IBM have joined hands to offer top quality skill-enhancement education in the field of Data Science. The programme will offer 3 to 5 months duration courses in Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Science. Initially the courses will be available at DES campuses in Pune and Mumbai. The faculty will be trainers from IBM as well as IBM certified faculty from DES’s institutes. Visiting faculty from amongst the practitioners of the techniques in these areas will also provide the knowledge of current application areas of these topics. At the end of each course the learners can take an assessment for seeking IBM certification.

From Then to Now

It was noted by these Nationalists that there was no education available to generate leadership, for industrial regeneration of India, or for defense of the motherland. That is there was no education which would be required for the people of a self - governing nation. It was with the idea of filling these voids that the DES came in to existence. In the view of its founders, Education was the means of rousing the intellect, the drooping will and the slumbering conscience of their fallen countrymen. They began with a modest aim of facilitating education at low costs by starting schools and colleges.

Fergusson College Started


The renowned Fergusson College came into existence and it would go on to become the benchmark of education excellence across the country.

Willingdon College


Recognizing the need make affordable eduction accessible to the masses in smaller towns, Willingdon College was brought into existence in Sangli, a town in Southern Maharashtra.

Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce


Recognizing the need for commerce education, the Society started Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce in 1943 followed by Chintamanarao College of Commerce in Sangli in 1960.

Kirti M Doongursee College


With the Society expanding its roots to take education to be accessible to the masses, DES setup its first college in the erstwhile Bombay (now Mumbai). The college has given India some of its finest talent since its inception.

Institute of Management Development and Research


DES started management institutes IMDR in 1974 at Pune and IMR at Sangli in 1996. IMDR is Pune's oldest management institue and has followed DES's legacy of setting a benchmark of finest quality education in Management.

DES Law College


In the year 2003, DES also expanded its wings to provide Legal Education to Students and established DES Law College in Pune.

DES College of Physiotherapy


In its quest to impart better education and cover more fields of education, DES started its College of Physiotherapy.

DES Centre for Skills Development and Innovation and IBM Collaboration


Keeping in line with the need of the hour and its vision to provide quality educaton to all, DES collaborated with the Global Leader in IT, IBM to start training students and professionals in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Science and More.

The Future Ahead


With a view to imparting basic education, the Society has started many schools at various places in the state. The DES management is trying to expand its educational activities as per the requirements of the society in general, guided and aided by educationists, visionaries, philanthropists and ex-students, in order to pursue its goal 'Knowledge is Power'.